GTA Liberty City Stories Fan Missions Released

Rockstar is really pushing the new mobile port of Liberty City Stories. The portable release of the 3D era’s second venture to Liberty City was recently launched on iOS, and the Android and Amazon versions are arriving soon. Rockstar has continued its strategy of gradually releasing all the 3D era GTA games on mobile platforms ever since the 10th anniversary of GTA III, which was the first of the games to be released on iOS.


Rockstar recently posted a number of community made jobs on the Newswire which evoke the old-new game in a similar way as the Red Dead Redemption and Warriors throwback jobs did.

First up, PC players are treated to a game of capture in “#2 Dock Raid”, which also throws some cops and hostile NPCs into the mix alongside the enemy team. PC players also have a chance to race their way to LSIA in order to catch their plane to Liberty City in “Going to Liberty City”, or, if dealing death is more your thing, an epic and explosive DM titled “Liberty City Tales”.

If the PS4 or 3 is your choice of platform, then you’ll get the chance to try out “The Cemeterio”, a team death match set in the graveyard, filled with as many RPGs as tombstones. You can also give “Sindacco Sabotage” a spin, yet another TDM based on the LCS mission of the same name. The “Mafia Mudslide” race is only available on PS4, and has you racing down Mount Chiliad. “The Offer” is also exclusive to the PS4, and recreates the mission of the same name as a TDM.


Xbox gamers of both consoles all get the same new toys. “Family Feud” sees a clash between the Forelli and Leone families in a TDM, “CiprianiCrimeFamily G Map” is another TDM, and a good old side mission is recreated in the race “The Wong Side of the Tracks”.

Which is your favorite mission from GTA Liberty City Stories?

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