GTA Liberty City Stories Android Tablet Giveaway

When Rockstar held a special giveaway of an all new iPhone 6 and the new iPad with exclusive paint-jobs following the iOS release of GTA Liberty City Stories, Android users hoped for a similar giveaway when the port for their systems was released.


Over the past few years Rockstar has been gradually releasing the older 3D era GTA games on mobile platforms with upgraded visuals and a control scheme adapted for touch sensitive screens. With III, Vice City and San Andreas down LCS was next in line to get the mobile treatment. The port compatible with Amazon devices also announced by Rockstar has yet to be released.



As with the Apple devices, this giveaway is open free-of-charge to any member of the Rockstar Social Club. Two nVidia Shield K1 tablets each coming with a Shield Controller are being raffled out among the entrants sometime after the 24th of February.

Both tablets feature an extremely high quality paint job depicting GTA Liberty City Stories artwork. Fitting GTA's vehicular theme, the paint jobs are described as automotive quality with a high gloss coat. The devices come with Liberty City Stories pre-installed, of course.

The K1 is a part of nVidia's Shield line of products, the aim of which is to free gaming from the boundaries of a desktop. Shield devices include a streaming device connected to your TV, a handheld console which streams games from your PC and a tablet with the Shield Controller that also acts as a portable gaming/streaming system.


Connecting to the Rockstar Social Club from the mobile port of Liberty City Stories will add a free exclusive shirt to your GTA Online wardrobe on the current-gen consoles and PC.

Have any of you guys entered one of these GTA LCS themed giveaways, or both? Which do you hope to win?

Aron Gerencser
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