GTA Games Cheap In Playstation Sale

Sony is seeking to cash in on the continued massive success of GTA V. Not soon after the recently ended Easter Sale, the Playstation versions of the game have once again been discounted.

Rockstar’s hyper-popular blockbuster isn’t only the most successful game in the history of the industry, but also the one most frequently discounted – the game is pretty much constantly on sale, with either one distributor slashing its price or another. When one sale ends, another begins. Players pretty much have no reason to buy the game full price thanks to back-to-back deals.


Sony has put a massive selection of GTA games on sale across all of its platforms in order to celebrate, well, uh… money, I guess? While the sale is lacking in apropo, it isn’t lacking in some serious discounts. Every GTA game from III to V including the spin-offs and DLCs have had their prices cut by various amounts across both major home console platforms, with a few deals thrown in for fans who still have their good old PSPs kicking.

The star of the sales, however, are the GTA V + Shark Card bundles.

These discounts, coupled with the reverse Shark Card discount bonus going on in GTA Online as a part of the week-long event commemorating the release of the Sabre Turbo, means you’re not only getting more in-game cash for the same price, but now you’re getting more in-game cash for a lower price.

Seriously, there has never been a better GTA V deal than this. If you’re looking in to cash in on some serious bonuses with a financial boost in GTA Online, you have no excuse to let this opportunity pass you by.


Fans of the franchise who have only jumped aboard the GTA juggernaut now also have the chance to load up their game libraries with some great classics such as San Andreas and Vice City. The GTA VI Complete Edition is also discounted if you’re interesting in one of the more modern takes on the franchise, but have V maxed out already.


Just in case these games didn’t satiate your need for high octane vehicle based criminal action, the Fast and Furious movie franchise, which can be bought on the Playstation store (for whatever reason) in either SD or HD has also been discounted. It seems that the fans weren’t the only ones to note the similarities between the franchises.

Will you be grabbing any GTA games during this sale?

Aron Gerencser
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