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GTA "Funny Moments" Videos Are The Scourge Of YouTube

"Don't forget to like, share and subscribe" says the description below the 70th GTA V Funny Moments video uploaded by some self-proclaimed YouTube celeb with single digit subs.

Typical example of this filth.

If you've ever tried to find quality GTA V content on YouTube whenever you're not in a position to play but get the GTA itch, you've probably encountered a few examples like the one above.

Ever since the gaming video trend took off a few years ago (see the rise of, YouTube has been flooded with untalented young adults and children with way too much free time on their hands. These people assumed that getting rich off YouTube would be easy, like it was for those dozen or so people for whom it actually worked out.

The result is over 95% of all video game related content appearing on the internet's largest video repository is absolute garbage, or someone attempting to replicate someone else's garbage. One of the least savory side effects is sites like the various subreddits dedicated to GTA V being spammed with such videos.

How the hell it happened is beyond us, but the situation has reached a point where Rockstar themselves endorsed a "funny moments" video on the Newswire as a part of their Executives and Other Criminals GTA V Film Festival.

Granted, that one was made by a content creator who was one of the first to get on the GTA V video train, and they're among the few who aren't screaming all the time. The clip also includes genuinely humorous happenings, but the principle is still troubling.

Somewhat more reserved, but the content is still questionable.
Somewhat more reserved, but the content is still questionable.

One particular GTA V YouTuber known as "Mr.Boss" was the focus of the community's hate for a good long time. This was primarily down to him uploading extremely short videos wherein he speaks of some made up rumors and also giving his video’s titles which suggest that some legitimate leak with solid evidence would be revealed. Of course the motivation behind all this was only to boost views and now it seems the heat is moving over to the "funny moments" videos.

Have any of you gotten annoyed with these spam vids, or are you too busy playing GTA V to care?

If you are annoyed, then feel free to save this tag search at GTA BOOM – most days throughout the week we do the work for you and showcase at least one quality GTA V clip on Youtube. That way can cut through the crap and just enjoy good content!


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