GTA Online’s Next DLC Gets Trailer

It’s been some time since Rockstar first unveiled its plans for GTA Online’s summer update schedule, which included a follow-up to last December’s Executives and Other Criminals and an overhaul to the Content Creator. Over the past few months, Rockstar seemingly took its foot off the gas pedal when it came to DLC, only releasing a few new cars and Adversary Modes since the new year began.


This took its toll on the players, whose ever-present and ravenous hunger for new content drove them to voice their dissatisfaction. However, it seems that Rockstar spent the past few months well, creating what they call the “biggest and deepest” GTA Online DLC yet – and there is another one on the way too.

All we know about Stunt Ready is that it will add a few new vehicles designed specifically with stunting in mind, a whole new set of props and features to the Content Creator – the tool used to create fan-made jobs – and that it will bring back the possibility of stacking props. This feature was removed in a recent update in order to fix a bug it caused, however seeing as many stunt and parkour maps rely of stacked props, the community was a bit riled up.


However, Rockstar was more forthcoming with info about Further Adventures in Finance and Felony, the DLC successor to Executives and Other Criminals. This GTA Online Update will be taking more than just the long names to the next level – it will see players rise to the top of Los Santos’ criminal hierarchy.

The DLC will be focused on running your own criminal enterprise trafficking illegal goods throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. This will be done from new kinds of warehouse and HQ properties, and it will add new mission types for VIPs and Bodyguards to run.


So far Rockstar has revealed one of the vehicles that will be added in the update, which is the Pegassi Reaper hypercar – possibly the next fasted ride in the game – however there was promise of more new vehicles being added. A recent leak seemingly revealed the locations of the warehouses and what other vehicles we might be getting, alongside two new weapons.

But we all knew Rockstar will still have something to show before release – a trailer. The official trailer for Further Adventures in Finance and Felony was released today, confirming some hopes and revealing new features.

Near the beginning of the trailer, the theory that electronics will be among the contraband being sold on the black market is confirmed by a shot of shelves full of monitors, laptops and more – including some with a “Tenshun” logo that’s obviously modeled after Samsung – as well as boxes labeled as “Human organ for transplant”.

At various points throughout the trailer some new cars are shown off. The Reaper is joined by two other sporty looking supercars. We also get something reminiscent of a Jaguar or Bently, a new Übermacht SUV and – if we saw it right – an armored trash compactor. By the looks of things, some new aerial vehicles will also be added to GTA Online in this update.


The trailer also shows off some of the new HQ interiors, which look more than a little flashy – some of them have entire 3D models of areas of the map. They’re all roomy, have massive windows, tons of glass and chrome everywhere and are all situated in penthouse suites. This part of the trailer also reveals the Secretary feature.

Players will be able to hire secretaries for their VIP, who will probably coordinate things from the HQ. The exact role of the secretary, or whether its an NPC or other player is unknown – this is the first time we’ve even heard of the feature.


Based on the trailer, the HQs will have plenty of interaction options, such as a bar where you can drink and a computer that you can access. The rooms with the maps will probably work similarly to heist planning rooms in existing properties.

The update will be adding new VIP challenges and jobs unrelated to the whole black-market angle in order to expand your opportunities of earning some extra cash. Running the enterprise will probably be a pretty costly affair, meaning that if you don’t succeed or have nothing to fall back on, it could break your bank.


As can be expected, the new DLC will be coming to PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4, leaving out the older generation – as it has been since Ill-Gotten Gains part II.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony launches on all platforms on the 7th of June, so get your wallets ready – you still have a few days to save up.

Which part of this GTA Online DLC are you most excited about? Have you discovered anything interesting in the trailer that slipped by us?

Aron Gerencser
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