GTA Executives DLC Weekend Event

A few days back some players noticed that bonuses under the double RP and GTA$ weekend event on all Adversary Modes were still active, and they were still getting twice the regular reward. Another thing they noticed (and that received no announcement) was a Docktease sale on various water vehicles. These signs generally pointed to another weekend event coming up, and that has turned out to be case.


One of the main features of the recently announced “weekend” event – which retroactively lasts from the 16th of December until the 20th – is the double RP and GTA$ rewards for all Adversary Modes (again – we called it) including the all new Extraction mode designed with the new bodyguard system in mind.


While it turned out that the Docktease sale had nothing to do with this, the event still has plenty to offer. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, but are tired of Adversary Modes, try out some sea races, as they also provide 2x cash rewards. There is also various discounts across the board over at Ammunation and Warstock; giving players a chance to buy weapons, ammo and armor at a lower price.

What weekend event commemorating a new DLC release would be complete without a good old Snapmatic contest with a grand prize of 1 million in GTA$? While hardly enough for a yacht, it is still a nice sum, so get your phones out and start snapping at that shiny new content.


And if you’re looking to nick some physical goods for free, head on over to the events page on the Social Club, where Rockstar is giving away a few items from their GTA V merchandise collection, which also happen to be on sale right now.

Aron Gerencser
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