GTA Comparison – Is V A Step Back?

Back when GTA V first launched on the previous generation consoles it was lauded as the first “next-gen”. As much of a paradox that is, the game really blew audiences away. Not only with its visuals, but with its vibrant world and realistic game mechanics too.

But how realistic, how impressive is it really? Naturally, the answer to the second of those two question is subjective, but via a simple comparison with the previous installment in the series, which launched at the height of the previous generation, we can get a good idea.

GTA IV, while certainly highly anticipated at the time, didn’t have the gargantuan and legendary marketing drive behind it that preceeded V. If we were to compare the two, then IV had a quiet launch back in the day, despite being extremely popular and selling really well. GTA IV had over 25 million copies sold as of July 2013 while GTA V was over 54 million copies as of August 2015.

That game opened up a new era in the GTA franchise being the first installment of the “HD Universe” and finally ending the long and undeniably great 3D era. It was groundbreaking in visuals, scope, and gameplay, however for some reason, it isn’t mentioned as often as V or San Andreas is when speaking of the greatest entries in the franchise.


Youtuber and GTA fan CrowbCat recently released a comprehensive and rather lengthy comparison video which seeks to prove that IV is in fact better than V. The main focus of the video is the setting of the games and the way the player interacts with the world.

In GTA V, if you stand close to a pair of chatting cops, they’ll pull on you. In IV, they’ll continue talking after a few remarks. In V, if you push a guy, they die. In IV, they fall, get up and get pissed. In V, if you punch a guy, they die. In IV, they punch the f*ck back. In V, if you approach a group of cops with a weapon drawn, they stay bunched up, and start shooting immediately. In IV, they spread out, look for cover, and tell you to lower your weapon.

What is your opinion? Is GTA IV truly superior to the most recent installment?

Aron Gerencser
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