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GTA Online CEO Snapmatic Contest Winners Announced

Rockstar really likes celebrating their DLC releases when it comes to GTA Online. While the lead-up is pretty drab, with some updates literally being first announced upon launch with not even a trailer, the post-launch usually gets plenty of attention. Events, discounts, snapmatic competitions, Rockstar Editor competitions, playlists, double RP and GTA $ promos, guides and more are shot at the community rapid-fire to make sure everyone is celebrating the new -DLC.


Of course, the first truly major update of 2016 - and possibly the biggest and deepest DLC GTA Online has ever received - was no different. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony did get some hype in the form of announcements and a trailer, granted, but the goods that came after it was released were the main attraction.

Among other things, a snapmatic contest was announced as per tradition for whenever a major DLC is launched. The standard prize of GTA $ 1,000,000 and a few moments of fame by having their shots featured on the Newswire was on offer once again. The due date for entries has passed recently and Rockstar has gotten through their internal voting process. The winners are in!


First up we have a pretty flashy shot, showing the city of Los Santos by sunset from the top of a skyscraper, with a pricey Buckingham Volatus flying by. The image makes hearty use of special effects from filters, but instead of being tacky it really nails the luxurious CEO vibe.


The quiet, aloof and serene of the previous image is replaced by all-out action in Nightrain-G's explosive shot. This is the kind of screenshot you put on the back of a video game box to advertise the off-the-rails mayhem the player will experience ( a single heavily scripted event halfway through. Shhh.). Featuring the Armored Brickade, the Cargobob and the Savage, this is pure CEO versus CEO warfare.


If the first shot gave your sense of style cramps, this shot will give you a freaking seizure - but hey, the task was to capture what Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is really about and this more than succeeds on that count. Money reigns supreme in GTA Online and this intuitive snap pays homage to that.


The Chrome Style crew provides us with a more serious, grounded and literal take on the criteria of the competition. Seemingly the whole crew is lined up in the boardroom of one of the CEO offices, all sporting flawless fitted suits. The special cargo and the heavy weapon resting on the table lets you know this isn't your regular law firm.


Finally we have a similar shot to the first, this time from the interior of yet another office boardroom - empty this time, with the exception of some stacked special cargo on the table. The sun is rising over Los Santos, putting the screws on the submitter's GPU to churn out those god-rays.

In all honesty, we're a tad let down by these entries - I mean, props to the winners for the neat shots, they are by no means lacking - but based on how the community regards the newest GTA Online update, more of these should look like the action-packed second entry. Where are all the harrowing Hydra chases? The associates valiantly murdering enemies in the name of cargo and money? These serene sunrise/set shots could as well be part of the High Life snapmatic contest...


Either way, the winners all walked away with one million sitting comfortably in their GTA Online bank account. There are also some honorable mentions linked below the winners if you want to see how the shots that didn't quite make it turned out.

Five lucky players also got some free physical merchandise as part of the Social Club sweepstakes which ran during the competition. The limited edition Vinyl soundtrack, the chrome zippo, an Epsilon Program paper weight, an iFruit mouse pad and a GTA 5 gold bar USB were all packed in the prize package - really solid loot, especially when you don't have to pay for it!


While it was pretty easy to guess in advance, the post also pre-announces the Snapmatic Competition for the upcoming GTA Online DLC, Cunning Stunts. Chances are the most impressive mid-stunt shots will be the winning entries next month. Incidentally, Cunning Stunts launches next Tuesday, July 12th.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony isn't "retired" yet, though. The CEO Rockstar Editor competition is still running, which tasks prospective entrants with creating a GTA Online fan video dedicated to showing off what the new DLC is all about.


While the winners of this contest won't get any wealthier in-game, they will receive some really sweet physical prizes, emblazoned with their Social Club ID and running in a film director theme - a chair, a Varsity Jacket with the Editor logo and more.

Did you enter a snap into this GTA Online contest?


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