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The GTA 6 theme song might be hiding in plain sight in GTA Online

It would be amazing to see all the potential GTA 6 Easter Eggs hidden in GTA Online compiled someday to see which ones were true and which ones weren't.

The Race and Chase arcade games have been in Grand Theft Auto Online for a long time. However, it wasn't until recently that fans began to pick up something interesting found in one of the game's 80s-inspired arcade racers. Specifically, the "LS Nights" and "Vice Lights" levels in the Race and Chase arcade game.

According to a very inquisitive Redditor, slowing down the music for "LS Nights" makes the tune sync perfectly with the theme of Grand Theft Auto 5, Welcome to Los Santos. At the same time, if you do it to "Vice Lights", you're treated to a distinctly different melody that the same user believes is the GTA 6 theme. Also, it appears that other users have made the same observations many years ago.

If this theory is true, then we can add it to a long list of GTA 6 easter eggs that Rockstar Games has hidden in GTA Online for several years.

However, it's worth noting that the GTA Wiki article on Race and Chase claims that Vice Lights is based on the GTA San Andreas theme.

Rockstar possibly teasing the GTA 6 theme in GTA Online. from GTA6

Rockstar is very good at hiding secrets in its games. Unfortunately, last year's GTA 6 leak opened the upcoming game up to the public, as it confirmed that the next GTA title will be set in Vice City.

Because of this, fans now firmly believe that there are plenty more easter eggs hiding in plain sight in GTA Online. Unfortunately, until Rockstar confirms more details about GTA 6, all we're left to do is speculate.

It would be amazing to see the Miami-inspired Vice City on modern platforms when GTA 6 comes out.

Speaking of GTA 6, a prominent insider believes that Rockstar could release the game by 2025.


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