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GTA 6 Rumors Based On Scraps, Allegedly Set In Vice City

The GTA 6 rumor mill is at it again.

Over the years we've seen some fan theories based on extremely thin assumptions and this particular fandom is well known for reaching, but the latest rumor to make the rounds online may just take the cake. Someone, somewhere, is convinced that the outline of a track from Open Wheel Races hints at the setting of the next game.

Height of Society is the track in question. One of the new courses introduced in the recent Open Wheel Races DLC, Height of Society takes players through the expensive neighbourhood of Vinewood Hills.

If you look at the outline of the track, employ a generous amount of mental gymnastics and suspend your disbelief, it might look a wee bit like the shape of the continental USA's eastern half.


The lake might be construed as the great lakes despite being completely different in shape, the outcropping on the bottom right looks like Florida except wildly out of proportion with the lake, and the outcropping on the bottom left is Mexico simply for being where it is compared to the other two "landmarks".

See what we mean by reaching?

Even if the racetrack is a conscious attempt to homage the shape of half of the USA, which raises the question of why, there hasn't been any explanation offered why those three corresponding locations were highlighted. Maybe this is a hint, but it's hinting that GTA 6 will take place in...uhhh.... Kansas City? Rural Iowa maybe? The track passes through those places too.

To give what little credit is due, there are quite a few rumors floating around about Vice City being the next setting for GTA, many of which are more based than this one.

This is less a case of someone looking at the track and thinking "Vice City!" and more a situation where the idea of Vice City already existed, and the community is desperate for affirmation so they're tacking it onto anything vaguely related.

Apparently a leaker with something of a track record, posting under the username "gonnaenodaethat" replied to the theory with "Cartographers start your engines!" on the GTAForums, which many interpreted as confirming or lending credence to the theory.

No need to get too excited, folks! If you are interested in what little we actually know about GTA 6, click here.


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