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Is There A GTA 6 Easter Egg In The Remaster Trilogy Trailer?


The world of of fancy names for illusions and psychological effects, usually named after one or two smart people that coined the terms - we're sure there's one for that thing when you desperately look for something for so long that you start seeing it even when it isn't there. It seems like the entire Grand Theft Auto community is suffering from it, because apparently a GTA 6 hint was hidden in the recent The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition trailer.

It's... about as huge a stretch as you might have come to expect from these alleged hints and easter eggs that the fandom keeps finding in promotional GTA content - these range from simple vests appearing in GTA Online, non-standard fonts used on weekly update promos and license plates appearing in trailers. There was already a round of speculation regarding a license plate seen in the Expanded and Enhanced trailer, and The Trilogy has arisen as the next victim.

Fans are convinced that the trailer for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition which was released alongside the release date reveal contains the date for Rockstar's official unveiling of GTA 6. In one scene, Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City is riding a motorcycle with its license plate clearly visible, reading "ICSLV" below a Vice City tag.

Translated from the arcane language of conspiracy theories, fans have pieced together a message - Vice City Is Coming Soon LV, with LV being roman numerals for 55. While 2055 seems like a plausible release year for the next GTA, the actual assumption here is that GTA 6 - with its setting theorized to be Vice City - will get officially revealed on December 16, which is 55 days after the premiere of the trailer.

Apparently, some of the many rumors and leaks swirling around the game had in the past also predicted that there would be an official reveal on the 16th of December, which many people took as no coincidence. We're fairly confident that, with the sheer amount of drummed up GTA 6 rumors that popped up over the years, we could find rumors pointing at just about any day across the next 2-3 years as some significant date.

From where we're sitting, this seems like another one of those drummed up rumors that's grasping at straws, spread mainly by GTA content creators looking to squeeze views out of the smallest errant snippet of possible information. It's also entirely possible that Rockstar is screwing with the community at this point, dropping red herrings in full knowledge that they'll be blown out of proportion.

Looking at this rumor with a critical eye, a reveal this December would be way too soon for GTA 6. Among the many leaks, those few actually credible ones from industry insiders have all estimated a release no sooner than 2025, not accounting for the usual Rockstar delays. We all know how Rockstar likes keeping its cards close to its chest, so why would a game so far off be revealed now?

We wouldn't hold our breath for any kind of big reveal on the 16th of December - we'd love to be wrong, but don't start hoping.


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