GTA 6 Early In Development, Moderately Sized To Prevent Crunch

We've known that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be happening sometime, but there's very little in the way of concrete evidence so far. GTA 5's immense success, the obvious marketability of the IP, and Take-Two's commitment to the franchise, made it obvious another game will happen sometime down the line.

Now a new report by Kotaku has provided some insight into GTA 6.

Based on what several employees, former and current alike, have said, the next game Rockstar Games will publish is going to be a new GTA title which is currently under development in an early stage. GTA 6 has been in early development, in some form or other, for a very long time now according to various developers, but pre-production phases have no set timelines and the bombastic success of GTA Online has likely kept changing things as well.


Specifically, Kotaku's report focuses on crunch culture, acting as a follow up to a series of recent exposés uncovering the problematic working conditions that are rife throughout various AAA game developers. Rockstar was one of the companies examined, where employees had to work extreme hours without any additional compensation. The atmosphere led to mental health issues and physical health hazards.

The wider gaming community has begun to pay significantly more attention to the problem of crunch in the industry, and many companies have started making essential changes. Rockstar is among them, making strides in the right direction. The information we learned about GTA 6 cae adjacent to details about changes to the company's approach to game development.

Namely, GTA 6 is planned to be a more modest release than the colossal and hugely ambitious GTA 5 and also Red Dead Redemption 2. Both of these games were intended to be huge blockbusters from the get-go, which also informed the development process. By planning on a smaller release from the start, the intent is to prevent crunch altogether.

You can read additional details about Rockstar's plans to mitigate crunch in Kotaku's full report. There aren't any other tidbits that relate to GTA 6 though - for more on that, check out our article.

Aron Gerencser
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