GTA 6 Announcement Rumored To Happen As Online In-Game Event

The latest big leak in the Grand Theft Auto fandom isn't even about the unannounced but definitely happening GTA 6, but also sort of is. We know that on the 11th of November, GTA 5 will be released once more on a new generation of consoles, and GTA Online is going standalone - and now it seems that the multiplayer mode will also be part of the sequel's marketing.

Dubbed Expanded and Enhanced, frequently referred to as E&E, the native ports of GTA 5 to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 is much more than just a visual overhaul and a cash-in - especially if these leaks about brand new content and more are to be believed. However, the most interesting part of the leak might not even be related to the enhanced port at all.


We're once again tapping the "if Rockstar isn't the source, pinch some salt" sign we've got hanging here, but in this case we'd definitely not be surprised if the leak turns out to be true, what with the standalone version of GTA Online intended to outlive GTA 5 itself. It seems that the multiplayer mode will have a very active part in GTA 6's reveal and on-going marketing campaign.

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The leaks indicate that in-game events will be used both for the announcement and for subsequent promotion, meaning that more than one event is in store. These will be live events in the sense that you'll have to be logged into Online exactly when they're happening, or your only bet will be to watch recordings on YouTube or similar.

Fans have immediately compared this alleged reveal method with the sort of live-event promotions seen in the hugely popular Fortnite: Battle Royale, which hosted live events not only related to itself but for outside properties like Marvel and Star Wars. GTA Online going standalone is just one more step towards truly becoming the live service game it's blatantly wanted to be for a while now, so having in-game live events seems fitting.

Between this rumor of GTA 6 related live events in Online and Rockstar's more and more prominent collaborations with real life music artists, it definitely makes the scenario of GTA Online being used for more advertising purposes seem all the more likely in the future, which is something we sort of predicted.

Only time will tell if there is any truth to these leaks, but considering the colossal audience that GTA Online entertains, it's as viable a platform for announcements and promotions as any other, and this move would be logical next step in its evolution.


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