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GTA 5: Unlocking The Beast (Bigfoot) Peyote

From the elusive Bigfoot to the secrets of peyote plants, uncover the layers of GTA's enigmas.


Yesterday we reported on a thrilling development in the world of GTA 5 mystery hunting. While the Chiliad Mystery has yet to be solved, progress on a different hidden chain of easter eggs. UFOs aren't the only supernatural phenomenon in the franchise, after all.


One of the longest running mysteries in the GTA franchise is that of the Bigfoot. The first rumors of the creature being hidden somewhere cropped up during  the time of San Andreas. Easter egg hunters relentlessly dug through the game's code and files trying to find out how to summon the creature to no avail. Mods were used on PC to fake discoveries for the sake of publicity.

However, those hunters who actually wanted to uncover an official easter egg were left wanting. Eventually Rockstar tentatively confirmed that there is no Sasquatch in GTA San Andreas. Of course, some players were not dissuaded even by this official confirmation, while others continued the search in other games of the franchise.


GTA 4 in particular was pretty easter egg heavy, many of which took months to discover. Some players theorize that the game still has some undiscovered secrets, though others doubt this to be true. Fact of the matter is, with players accessing the game code, it is difficult to keep anything hidden these days.

However, in the case of GTA 5, Rockstar has managed to do so. Not only do they add the pieces of the puzzle to the game over time via various updates, they hide the code references behind riddles of sorts.

When we reported about the bigfoot finally having been discovered in GTA 5 some time ago, it was also realized that the bigfoot peyote wasn't in the vanilla game at all, but added as a patch. Finding it would have been impossible without looking for the hints in the code.

Once it was discovered, the instructions to access it spread across the internet - you can check them out here - and many assumed that the mystery was solved, mission accomplished.


Then something interesting turned up. Players who were still keen on uncovering mysteries in the game kept on looking through the code and eventually found something quaint - the bigfoot peyote wasn't the only hidden plant. It was just one of seven such peyotes, which needed to be found at a specific time, under specific conditions.

The criteria needed to find the bigfoot peyote also applied to the other peyotes, excluding the one about which day it has to be in-game. Seeing as you need to hit a specific weather-type in a specific time-frame seven times consecutively, doing this is impossible without cheats.


Of course, you'll need to find the plants first - this can be done manually using the new sonar ability that the player gains while under the influence of the bigfoot peyote. However, to make things easier, the hunters who have already found them put together this handy map:


Now, based on that, you need to hit the following criteria to find the peyotes:

  1. You have to have unlocked all other peyote plants
  2. It has to be the appropriate day
  3. You have to eat them in order
  4. The weather has to be foggy on PC or snowy on consoles (we have a cheat code for that!)
  5. It must be between 5:30 and 8:00 AM
  6. You must have completed the game (not 100%, just completed it)

As we stated in yesterday's report, this will summon the beast that has previously appeared in the Freemode event titles "Hunt the Beast" as well as in the new Power Play Adversary Mode when the "Beasted" power-up is used.

Said beast then proceeds to lead players on a very very long chase riddled with hidden checkpoints denoted by corpses. The chase can be initiated by roaring at the beast. It will respond with a roar of its own and take off. You will need to chase the beast, listening to its iconic audio cue.


Once you've ended the chase (be prepared to spend upwards of an hour on this) you'll need to kill the beast. If you're feeling brave, you can make it an epic showdown of two cryptids - or you can just cheese the fight for guaranteed success.

Once the fight is over and you've killed the beast, he will be unlocked in Director Mode as a selectable actor, much like the Sasquatch was after finding his peyote. However, you won't be turned into the beast, nor will you be granted his special abilities.

While this once again has that "dramatic conclusion" feel to it, after the ruse with the bigfoot, many GTA 5 mystery enthusiasts are still looking for secrets. Since the bigfoot lead them to finding the beast, maybe the beast is also just the next step on the road to uncovering a larger mystery?

Have you already caught the beast in GTA 5?


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