GTA 5 Discounted In Steam Summer Sale

Depending on where you are in the world, summer has only really kicked in these past few days with the weeks leading up being pretty mild. This heat wave is probably which gave Valve the idea to finally kick off the annual event that PC gamers across the globe look forward to and their wallets dread - the Summer Sale.


Every year, the Summer Sale sees countless titles in the Steam library discounted majorly, sending gamers on something of a shopping spree wherein they will buy about 12 games, of which they will only ever play 6 and finish 2. Then again, that might be just me.


The summer sale is not only a chance to exploit poor small indie developers by purchasing games the full price of which is $10 for about $2, but also an opportunity to pick up large AAA productions for less than their usual price.

Rockstar Games has had something of a rough ride with Steam sales in the past, what with that one case two years ago when the price of the game was jacked up so that when discounted, it was the same price.


Rockstar quickly corrected the issue and the price was properly discounted, which might suggest that this was a bug in the system - which isn't implausible, seeing as pricing bugs are quite frequent with Steam. The in sales since, GTA 5 has been consistently properly discounted.

Even though GTA 5 is a three year old game, it still enjoys massive popularity and high sales, so it's getting quite a bit of attention this time around. Since Valve is ditching the flash sales feature typical of past discount event, the current markdowns will not change over the course of the sale, so if you're looking to buy GTA 5 then there's no point in waiting too much.

Not only the base game, but the Shark Cards and the bundles have been discounted as well. The main game has gotten a 40% discount putting it at 35,99€, with the markdowns increasing the bigger the Shark Card you bundle it with.


The Great White bundle is discounted by 49% (Seriously? 49%? Why not 50%?), costing 38,23€ - an amazing deal, considering that the Great White card adds $1,250,000 to your in-game account and this barely costs more than the base game.

The Whale Shark bundle is discounted by 55%, leaving the final price at 43,62€, which is a more significant jump compared to the previous tier. This still is a great deal, especially compared to the original price. These Shark Cards go a long way to make early game GTA Online a less unforgiving experience.

Yup, it's a games sale
Yup, it's a games sale

Last up is the Megalodon bundle, packing a card worth 8 million in in-game currency. This bundle has seen a massive 62% discount, putting the price at 51,82€, which is still cheaper than the base game at full price. While the base game discount isn't the best one by far, this might be the cheapest the Megalodon bundle has ever been since the game's release.

Some players still haven't transitioned from last-gen consoles and they seem to be the target audience here. Though GTA 5 at maximum graphical settings is notoriously hardware-taxing, it is damn well optimized making the game more than playable on mid-range rigs.


Then again, players who are simply looking for some cheaper than usual Shark Cards might want to take advantage of these deals too. After all, these are all cheaper than full priced cards and owning an additional copy of the game can't hurt.

This isn't relevant for the Whale or Megalodon cards though, as those are also discounted if bought as stand-alones. The Whale Shark Card is discounted by 33%, costing 25,45€, while the Megalodon has been discounted by 40%, costing 44,99€.


Acquiring money in GTA Online is pretty arduous when done the hard way (meaning earning it via in-game missions), so these Shark Cards will come in handy for newbie players and veterans transferring from old-gen alike.

However, if you'd rather just cash in on the discount for the base game, we have a nifty guide prepared to help you make cash quicker, with all the best missions and techniques listed to get you to the top as quickly as possible.

Which GTA 5 deal will you take advantage of?

Aron Gerencser
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