GTA 5 Smashes $1 Billion in Sales

Everyone knew that Grand Theft Auto V was going to be popular, but cracking $1 billion in sales in just three days popular? Woah!


Today Take-Two Interactive (Rockstar Games' parent company) announced that based on internal numbers, it estimates that sales of GTA 5 surpassed $1 billion during the first three days it was available at retail stores (ie from September 17 to September 19).

TTWO also say that GTA V reached the impressive milestone in the fastest amount of time ever for a video game. This is probably correct considering that it took Call of Duty: Black Ops II a whole 15 days to get to $1 billion.



It's also not surprising that the number was smashed in only three days given that $800 million worth of sales were done on the release date! Is there anyone out there reading this who doesn't own a copy of GTA V yet!?

PS: We know that many of you are anxiously waiting for the invincibility and weapons cheats to be posted in addition to what we already have. We're still working on it (along with everyone else) and will post them right here on the front page as soon as they are found, as well as to our Facebook and Google+ channels.

Matt Stone

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