GTA 5 Meets Sin City In Fan Video

GTA 5 is an extremely adaptable game in the sense that it just works so damn well in conjuncture with so many other popular and well established franchises that fans cannot help but create crossover content. What’s more, the blockbuster franchise pulls this off while retaining a personality of its own along the way.

Thanks to mods and the Rockstar Editor, the game’s built-in video editing software, the creation of such cross-over content has been made much easier and more accessible. The creation of fan videos is no longer reserved for an inner circle who knew their way around gameplay capture software and editing suites.

Now, anyone could record and edit their videos right in GTA V, plus with mods thrown in, it was easier to create more authentic adaptations. This has spawned a massive fan video community churning out an immense quantity of content, much of which is actually pretty damn good.


Of course, movie crossovers are among the most popular GTA 5 fan videos, with either entire trailers or scenes remade in the game engine, or with homage videos using the same style or characters. Some of these videos aim for maximum authenticity, while others are gunning for more of a parody effect.

While there are countless of these videos floating around and many of them of a very high quality, it has to be Wrinkly Blink Games’ Sin City video that takes the cake for being the most stylish fan cross-over video we’ve seen so far.


The adaptation has the iconic greyscale visual theme going on, with only the red (and occasionally other vibrant colors) being accentuated. You’ve got all the motions – gloomy atmosphere, rain, gruff and grisly voices and people surviving – seemingly without any injury – things that would otherwise kill a human being.

While the video does have certain bits of dialogue from the Sin City movies running in certain scenes, it seemingly doesn’t directly adapt any pre-existing scene from the films. Instead, it does its own thing, but does it in an unmistakably Sin City way.


Compared to how good and stylish the video is, coupled with how popular the franchise it adapts is, the video has a surprisingly low number of views. Hopefully we’ll drive some traffic to the channel of a skilled fan video creator.

Have you ever tried to adapt a particularly iconic comic, film or TV franchise to GTA V with the Rockstar Editor before?

Aron Gerencser
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