GTA 5 Sells 130 Million Copies, Online Bonuses Include GTA$ 1,000,000

Grand Theft Auto 5 may not be free on PC anymore, but we're willing to bet there are still countless future fans out there who haven't bought the game yet, and still will - so this latest sales milestone won't be the last. To celebrate the game's popularity, Rockstar has brought us some special GTA Online bonuses this week.

Take-Two Interactive Software, parent company of GTA 5's developer Rockstar Games, has reported new fiscal data to the market, revealing that GTA 5 has now shipped a total of 130 million copies worldwide. The last number reported three months ago was 120 million. Considering some games struggle to rack up a couple million in their entire self-life, packing another 10 on top of that already record-breaking number is one heck of an achievement - especially over six years after launch.

The continued success of GTA 5 and Online are a huge boon to Rockstar and Take-Two. Other titles in T2's portfolio are also performing admirably and the company has announced plans to publish a total of 93 games in the next five fiscal years - none of them have been identified as a new Grand Theft Auto title though, yet.


However, a veritable bouquet of bonuses have been added to GTA Online this week, both as a welcoming gift to the huge wave of new players - except the hackers - and as thanks for the veterans who got it over this most recent milestone.

The hectic and highly entertaining Hunting Pack Adversary Mode is paying out triple the usual RP and GTA$ rewards all week, so gather your friends as you race for your life, where braking means breaking. Freemode Events, a cadre of short PvP competitions that spawn randomly also dish out 3x rewards.

You can also switch gears and take on Stockpile for some team dogfighting, or break out your armored supervillain truck for some Mobile Operations Center Missions, both of which are paying out double rewards all week long.

For a quick fix, Rockstar has added a rare GTA$ 1,000,000 bonus, but instead of just handing it out for free, you need to do a little bit of work for it. Completing 10 daily objectives will earn you the bonus reward, so it's basically free considering how quickly those can get done.

Additionally, all players who log into GTA Online this week will unlock an exclusive Jock Cranley Jumpsuit to be added to their in-game wardrobe. Also, if you haven't played this month yet, make sure to log in before the 31st to earn a free GTA$ 500,000 bonus.

On the topic of free stuff, test your fortune with the Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino & Resort. Winning the vehicle reward will get you a free Bravado Half-Trak. This is quite the departure from the luxurious sports cars or collectible classics that were previously on the podium, but who are we to complain?

You can also grab a free Fireworks Launcher and associated ammo to spread the cheer - or your opponents' extremities - across Los Santos. Mobile Operations Center liveries can also be bought at no cost, in case you want to be a stylish supervillain.

Hangars and all Hangar modifications are half price this week, as is the Volatol and the Buckingham Akula. The Mammoth Patriot Stretch and BF Ramp Buggy are also 50% off, while there is a 40% discount on the Truffade Thrax, Declasse Scramjet, TM-02 Khanjali and all Yachts.

Aron Gerencser
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