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GTA 5's New Sabre Owns The Muscle Class

This Tuesday saw the release of the newest fully customizable ride arriving to Benny's Original Motorworks, GTA Online's premium price range custom garage. The store was first introduced in the Lowriders update several months ago in 2015 and allows players to pimp out an ever growing list of cars with exclusive body mods, custom interiors and even performance upgrades.


Since the first time the garage was added to the game, it's catalog has been expanded several times, even with cars deviating from the lowrider theme.

The first time around Rockstar added the Bravado Banshee and the Karin Sultan to the line-up of cars serviced by the garage. When fully upgraded, the Banshee 900R and Sultan RS became super-cars and pretty good at racing - after some tweaking.

Since then, the Custom Classics updated added among others the Donk, which is anything but low. Finally, the new Sabre Turbo is a straight up muscle car - and it just so happens to own the competition.


Since the new ride was made available in GTA Online two days ago, players have made not of significant performance improvements with the Sabre Turbo over the stock version - as well as ways of getting the best ride for a bit cheaper.

The base upgrade at Benny's for the Sabre costs $490,000 and all that gives you is basic hydraulics - the remaining visual and performance mods need to be bought separately. A fully upgraded Sabre Turbo will set you back about a million, which is quite an investment.

However, players have discovered that since many of the performance upgrades at Benny's are the same as in LSC, but more expensive. Taking an already upgraded Sabre for the upgrade will cause the LSC mods to carry over, meaning you'll be leaving less cash behind.

Even so, those performance upgrades which are Exclusive to Benny's are well worth the cash - a maxed out Sabre Turbo is now the best muscle car in all of GTA Online. Barring the two super-cars, players usually don't buy lowriders for their speed or racing performance, but this is another exception.

While some players were a bit disappointed that the Sabre Turbo didn't bring too many new visual options to the game beyond liveries, it's clear that Rockstar took a function-over-form route with the new GTA Online ride, as opposed to the general direction chosen for the lowriders.

Have you taken your new Sabre out for a spin in GTA Online's races, or do you just prefer to enjoy it's beauty?


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