GTA 5 Redux Mod Delayed, Slightly

Since the internet has made pretty much all information readily available to everyone at all times, it has turned into the primary venue for marketing globally. While the phrase probably originates from the pre-internet era, never before has the concept of "all publicity is good publicity" been so common. However, in the unfortunate case of the extremely promising GTA 5 Redux graphics mod, even good publicity was bad, or so it seems.


Recently, the GTA 5 news scene has been covering the soon-to-release mod, which is promising a user-friendly and complete graphical overhaul. Most graphics mods like ENB and SweetFX need a pretty advanced level of tech savviness to get them working properly, and they can be mixed and matched to achieve different effects. Many potential users who want a simpler solution are put off by this, as well as the fact that most feel unfinished.

GTA 5 Redux aims not only to be the best graphics mod visually, but to beat the others in terms of accessibility too. These factors have drawn quite a bit of praise and hype, with significant media coverage spreading word of the mod. Pretty much all of the news has had a positive note to it, so why would such publicity be bad?

Well, it drew the attention of the wrong crowd. Some sad people out there don't like it when others do well for themselves and gain some recognition for their work and efforts. Josh Romito, the developer of the mod, reported that he has been hacked recently in an attempt that was obviously aimed at preventing the release of GTA 5 Redux.

Last week my home network and computer was hacked, and Redux compromised. Everything has been secured, although some data has been lost in the process. This will not prevent the project from being released in any way, it is merely a small delay. I have multiple external backups of the project, and what was lost will be back[ed] up in no time. I appreciate everyone’s patience during this unfortunate time.

Originally, GTA 5 Redux was slated to be released on the 26th of August, which is two days from now. Unfortunately, that release date has been pushed back to September 16 while Romito is trying to restore all of the data has been lost. Luckily for prospective fans of the mod, Romito subscribes to the computing rule of "back up everything, including your backups".

GTA 5 Redux aims to be much more than just another graphics mod, by improving on a number of game mechanics other than the visuals as well to truly act as a full overhaul for the game, bringing it up to speed with modern standards. You might look at Grand Theft Auto and ask "why would this need to be brought up to speed?", but remember, we are talking about a 3 year old game here.

The mod will overhaul many of the shooting mechanics, like tweaking the magnitude of recoil and rate of fire on all of the weapons. GTA 5 Redux will also add more police to the game in order to ramp up difficulty, it will significantly increase the PED density in areas where it would be warranted like the city of Los Santos, and Romito is also adding his overhauled ragdoll system.


We reported on the progress of GTA 5 Redux some time ago, and have been following its development attentively. The mod has been coming along nicely, and based on what we've seen so far may be the greatest overhaul mod for the game so far. Romito's efforts are guaranteed to give a boost to Grand Theft Auto V's longevity, at least on PC.

Have you been anticipating GTA 5 Redux?

Aron Gerencser
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