GTA 5 Meets Need For Speed Underground

There are very few game franchises around which have the kind of recognition that GTA has. Need For Speed is (or at least was...) one such franchise. While it didn't quite reach GTA's monetary success, it was one of those series that gained traction outside of the core gaming community. NFS became something of a casual game - not in terms of mechanics or quality, but in popularity and audience.

While many fans and certain critics think that the Need For Speed franchise has lost its way with recent installments - and a botched film adaptation - however recent missteps haven't ruined the legacy of the series. Many of the legendary installments in the franchise are still loved by the fans.

Need For Speed Underground is something of the "GTA San Andreas" of the NFS series. It's an older game considered by many to be the best in the entire series. It deviated from the professional racing theme of the other games and moved the setting to the illegal street racing scene.

The game featured new scenery, different track types and extensive car customization. The gameplay was tight and polished, there were plenty cars which were well balanced, the soundtrack is universally praised and the game looked great for its time.


Considering what a heavy emphasis cars get in GTA, it's no surprise that it and Need For Speed meshes well. In fact, there has been a trailer recreation for the newest game in the racing franchise done with the Rockstar Editor before.

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RavenwestR1, a YouTuber with a penchant for Rockstar Editor recreations and GTA V crossovers has taken it upon himself to remake the intro sequence of the beloved NFS game. The end result is a magnificently authentic and perfectly crafted adaptation, which hits all the right notes.

He even recreated the slightly awkward narration section at the very beginning. It's the more complex one-shot sequences which are the most impressive. This recreation wouldn't have been possible without the use of mods. Other than the graphics enhancement, RavenwestR1 has made use of the OpenCamera mod we featured some time ago alongside some car mods and a trainer.


The comment section under the video is full of praise for RavenwestR1's video, which has managed to capture the intro scene-for-scene in GTA 5 perfectly. Hats off to him.

Did you guys play NFS Underground back in the day, or were you busy with GTA San Andreas instead?


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