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GTA 5 Next-Gen Leaks Suggest Single Player Save Transfers

The protagonists of GTA 5 Story Mode

Grand Theft Auto 5 is fighting Skyrim for the title of 'AAA game released on most platforms', and the next-gen port bringing the game natively to the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 is adding to the already impressive number. New datamined information indicates that not only will players be able to transfer Online progress, but story mode saves as well.

We don't know a whole lot about the next-gen port, other than the assumption that it will be called Expanded and Enhanced, that it will bring with it new content alongside graphical and technical upgrades, that it will be more than just a pedestrian port, and that it's coming in November. Rockstar also revealed a tidbit about some Los Santos Tuners vehicle upgrades that will only be available in the new version.

However, dataminers have gone over all the code in the latest update with a fine virtual comb, uncovering a number of clues about what to expect. Since content exclusive to the port is technically already in the game despite said port not being available for months yet, it should come as no surprise that other code snippets related to it got in as well.

One of the most interesting discoveries made by the dataminers apparently indicates that players will be able to transfer single player progress alongside their GTA Online characters. Story mode save transfers weren't available when the Xbox One, PS4 and PC ports of the game were released - back then, you could only transfer Online characters, and even that got suspended due to exploits.

Considering the sheer amount of content present in the GTA 5 story mode, this is good news for people who already pumped hours into it. Leaks and rumors imply that content not requiring multiple players will be imported from Online updates into the single player portion of E&E, like the dozens of cars and weapons added to the multiplayer mode not available in single player. Being able to try these out with Trevor, Franklin or Michael without having to play through another hundred hours is a pretty good deal.

While datamined info is generally vastly more reliable than rumors and other leaks - this stuff is literally in the official game files, after all - the interpretation of the game code by the miners could be wrong, so the usual pinch of salt rule still applies. Either way, we should be hearing more official news about E&E soon anyway.

GTA 5 launches on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S this November.


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