GTA 5 News Roundup: Sept. 31 – Oct. 7

If you want the GTA 5 news highlights of the past week without having to scour through previous posts, our weekly news roundup posts are for you. Published every Friday just before City of the Week, we’ll collect everything worth knowing that happened in the past seven days in one neat post.


This week was once again dominated by the buzz surrounding the build-up and eventual launch of Bikers, the most anticipated GTA Online DLC yet. However, before that happened, we took a look at some of the best fan-made videos in our regular weekly Top Videos post.

Just before the release of Bikers, the shortened weekend event which started last week came to an end in order to give way to the bonus week dedicated to the new GTA Online DLC. Players still had the chance to stock up on some heavily discounted goods, and they were rewarded by some limited edition clothes just for logging in.


We posted a warm-up piece summarizing all of the information known about Bikers the day before it launched to get players in the right mindset for the next day’s DLC. Bikers has been at the forefront of all GTA Online discussion lately due to all the fans who have been asking for it all this time.

Then, finally the fateful day came, and Bikers was launched worldwide on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The full patch notes posted by Rockstar gave us a complete view of what the new content in the game looked like, and we wrote up a lengthy and exhaustive article detailing every aspect of the new DLC. That said, I’m guessing most of our regular readers were busy playing the game instead of reading at the time. Oh well.


Soon after, an independent report surfaced regarding the revenue generated by GTA Online, including game sales and Shark Cards. While the report originates from a third-party analyst and is unconfirmed by Rockstar, based on the info we’ve gotten up to this point, it seems pretty legit. Should the report be accurate, the game has brought in over $700 million in the past 12 months alone.

For our Foreign City of the Week post, which was postponed to Thursday in favor of Bikers coverage, we visited the beautiful capital of Italy, Rome. While the city possesses many admirable traits, Take-Two would probably not greenlight it to protect the Mafia franchise.

Which piece of news did you find the most interesting this week?

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