GTA 5 News Roundup: Oct. 8 – 15.

If you want the GTA 5 news highlights of the past week without having to scour through previous posts, our weekly news roundup posts are for you. Published every Friday just before (or after) City of the Week, we’ll collect everything worth knowing that happened in the past seven days in one neat post.


The past week was once again dominated with Bikers news, and there is little evidence of that slowing down. That said, right after the previous entry in News Roundup, we first took a short trip to St. Louis in our City of the Week article.

However, that was the only non-Bikers article that slipped in before the latest DLC once again took the spotlight. We took a look at the pricing of content added to GTA Online with Bikers, pointing out how the new toys are more generously priced than content generally was in recent DLCs. Players did not need to have stocked up on cash in order to enjoy Bikers – that said, it didn’t hurt if they did.


We also wrote up a pretty extensive piece covering all of the main points of interest when it comes to the long anticipated DLC, making it something of a mini-guide if you will. Certain aspects of Bikers aren’t exactly telegraphed to the players, so it might help if there’s a quick reference resource spelling things out.

The Top Videos post last week was the largest one yet, featuring 7 GTA fan videos as opposed to the usual 5 (and one-time 4). Bigger names such as Broughy1322 showed up, and just like the news, the videos too were dominated by Bikers themed creations.


We then followed up with a short piece regarding a common complaint about Bikers, namely that the Chimera could not be outfitted with bulletproof tires, which are something of a necessity in GTA Online. A user submitted a ticket to Rockstar Support about the matter, which clarified that it is aware of the issue, which is actually a bug, not just a poor design decision.

Naturally, we covered the release of a follow-up content pack for Bikers adding two new vehicles and, more importantly, a sixth purchasable property. While the clubhouses in Bikers did give GTA Online players a 10-bike garage, people have long been requesting more slots to fill with cars, of which there are plenty in the game.


For out Foreign City of the Week article, we hopped over the border and visited the USA’s friendlier neighbor. Investigating Toronto, we came to the conclusion that the low crime rates just don’t fit the GTA profile, even if it did well in other categories.

We also showcased an extremely high-quality and apparently high-budget fan video which really takes the concept as high as it can get – and they even got Steven Ogg, who voiced Trevor Philips in GTA 5, to appear in it. The video shows what playing GTA Online would be in a hyper-realistic VR simulation, and we think the team got it about right.


In our first mod-related article for a very long time, we showed off a pretty creative mod coming from author HitmanNiko. Latching on to the controversy in wake of several Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s catching fire seemingly spontaneously, the mod replaced the model of the in-game sticky bomb with that of the phone in question. Cue internet fame.

Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive introduced a puzzling mystery this past week by filing a new trademark for a pretty generic phrase. “Ghost Story” within the category of computer software is now Take-Two’s property, and while we’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with GTA, chances are it’s related to the previous trademark the company filed earlier this year.


With players sinking their teeth deep into the new content introduced by Bikers, among the most frequent questions popping up on community sites are those related to the new businesses. In order to answer many of these questions, we wrote up a small guide describing all the ins and outs of owning the new businesses added to GTA Online.

A pretty resourceful player uncovered a nifty way to grab the Lurcher Hearse this past week, allowing players to add the limited vehicle to their garage even though there isn’t a halloween event currently running, and for free. That said, there’s probably going to be some kind of halloween celebration in GTA Online soon, so this method will be more interesting to players who miss out on that or jump into the game later on.


Last but not least, for our stateside City of the Week article, we took a look at the historically significant – and infamous – Charleston. The city actually turned out to be a pretty good candidate to be a GTA map, in spite of its small size. While it’s likely the smallest city we’ve ever looked at in these articles, it got a pretty good final score.

Which news story did you find most interesting this week?

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