GTA 5 New Missions, Ill-Gotten Gains Part II Info Leaks

Speculation surrounding the content and release date of the second part of the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC has been afoot since before the first part even launched, but it seems already there has been a bit of a leak regarding upcoming GTA V content.

While the info regarding the DLC itself is no more than speculation, we do know that it will contain two new heists. A leaked audio file, posted by Youtuber “TurtleeyTY” gave away the info.

The first of the two newly revealed heists involves a clandestine drug operation being run out of a poultry processing plant. The three prep missions involving the theft of various vehicles, including a drug shipment truck which must then be driven to its destination, a riot van for later use and a Merryweather convoy truck. Once you’ve nicked the feathery narcotics, it’s time to pass it on to the global market for some sweet cash.

The second new heist is a run of the mill bank robbery, except you’ll be robbing 5 banks in a row. The prep missions reflect the scope of this heist, and show that a lot of planning went in to this job. Firstly, you need to steal a few Seasharks to serve as getaway vehicles, and stashing them in the storm drains at the river. The second mission has you plant extremely fragile explosives at strategic locations (power junctions) whilst avoiding detection and taking out some guards. The third mission is on a timer. A scientist who has some access codes you need got a tip that your after him, and has used radar jammers to hide from you. You need to track him down and “convince” him (meaning fill his squishy body with hot lead) to give you the passcode.  Mission 4 has one player on the team play honeypot. The most flirtatious of your crew needs to work the bank manager, a Joseph Whites, and use any means necessary to keep him occupied while the others record it secretly copy the manager’s vault pass.

The actual heist begins when you detonate the explosives, causing a city-wide blackout. Then you have 10 minutes to rob all 5 banks. Scripted events alter the encounter at each bank. The first two go without a hitch, the cops catch up at the third where you’ll have to fight your way out, after the fourth the use of bikes is obligatory, and in the last bank, all of the players will need to work the vault, but something goes awry, and they need to fight their way through a large police force before stealing a new getaway vehicle to reach the stashed Seasharks. Once on the water, the robbers must split up and lose the heat to be successful.


As for the DLC, well, officially the last day of summer is September 23., and according to Rockstar, the update will drop during the summer. Speculations also say that we might be getting an Independence Day DLC on July 2. While the tendency is for Rockstar to release DLC on Tuesdays, there has been a Thursday release before, so July 2. seems plausible.

What do you guys think of the new heists? Is there any credibility to the speculation regarding the DLC?

Aron Gerencser
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