GTA 5 Meets Drake, Of All Things.

While Hip-Hop has always been closely tied to GTA in various ways, especially since San Andreas, you typically wouldn't really relate highly successful and famously atypical rapper Drake with the game series. However, with the release of his most recent album, the artist did so himself, even if unwittingly.

Drake released is most recent studio album, "Views", two days ago. Considering the artist's massive fan-base, it is no surprise that it overlaps in some places with the fans of GTA 5. Many of these fans notices something interesting and rather humorous in relation to many of the photos Drake released alongside his album.

That being that they all look like they're loading screen and promotional art for a GTA game. He poses with a dog and a vehicle in one, looking eerily like Franklin and Chop in promotional images.



Some of the images even look like they're straight out of the announcement for the Ill-Gotten Gains DLC. Ill-Gotten Gains focused on particularly luxurious items and bling, all of which would perfectly fit the profile of a rich rapper.


In the following shot, Drake is apparently meeting with the heist-members, getting down the details of the mission ahead. Heists are the best way to acquire a fortune in GTA Online, so when a rapper falls on hard times, turning bank robber might seem like a good idea.


What's this? Oh, nothing, just the team's getaway vehicle. What better way to lose wanted levels than to take to the sky? I wonder what the cheat for that particular helicopter is.


Someone even mocked together a GTA cover picture using these images. It looks almost perfect - we say almost, since every GTA cover since 3 had a helicopter in the top corner. Not placing the above image there was a miss.


Would you like to play a GTA game set in Toronto?

Aron Gerencser
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