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GTA 5 Meets Dragon Ball Z

Get ready for a massive nostalgia attack, guys.

While plenty of fan videos with original content are out there, it seems the Rockstar Editor's primary vocation is to be used for the creation of crossover videos where scenes from popular shows or movies are remade in the world of GTA 5. Live action shows get this GTA treatment as often as cartoons do - though those are usually violated at the hands of Merfish.

However, this most recent adaptation seeks to be as true to the source material as possible. The show whose intro sequence has been remade in the Editor using more than a few mods by BTZ has probably been an integral part of many of your childhoods. One of the most popular animes in the world with a massive following even today, Dragon Ball Z is known for its great characters and extremely long fight scenes.

Recreation is a perfect, scene for scene adaptation that nails every shot. Some of the solutions used by BTZ are both ingenious and hilarious. The way he created the dragon alone deserves mention. The skins he used for the characters are on-point.

For those of you how don't know, Dragon Ball Z is the continuation of the original Dragon Ball anime. The original portrayed Goku growing up, while Z shows his exploits as an adult. He and his varied cast of allies protect Earth from all kinds of attackers while attempting to find and re-find all of the titular Dragon Balls.

The attention to detail displayed by this video is amazing. We've featured BTZ's work before. Twice. His constantly growing channel features a wide range of content, including several other GTA recreations that he's put together.

What other popular shows would you like to see remade in GTA, in a non-satirical manner?

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