GTA 5 Meets Crysis Thanks To JulioNIB

JulioNIB has probably risen to the status of most famous GTA 5 modder at this point, thanks to the consistent high quality of his work and the nature of his mods. He's combined many a franchise with GTA 5, including various Marvel properties like Iron Man and other game franchises like Just Cause and Watch_Dogs. His latest mod brings what in our opinion is one of the best shooters from the previous generation over to the virtual streets of Los Santos.

This time Julio decided to tackle an IP that few would think to mix with GTA, seeing as we're speaking about a sci-fi first person shooter. The game whose mechanics this mod ports over is none other than Crysis, which has been frequently used as a makeshift benchmarking tool by PC gamers for years now, and the "can it run Crysis?" joke/meme is still afoot.

Crysis features an elite squad of soldiers equipped with so-called Nanosuits, which have been reverse engineered from alien technology that give them special tactical abilities, such as superhuman speed and strength, invisibility and brief bouts of hyper-resistant armor.


The first game and it's spinoff were set on a tropical island infested by aliens and North Korean soldiers, while in latter installments the action moved over to New York City. The lore around the nanosuits was expanded to involve all kinds of weird things like memory bleedthrough and bodysnatching, but the series remained a visual pioneer in the industry.

JulioNIB used the first game as basis of the mod, as evidenced by the design of the UI and strength being its own power instead of being contextual. All four powers have been added to the game with the classic Crysis radial menu, alongside the weapon customization menu.

The latter allows for the extensive modification of weapons with silencers, laser targeting mods and different firing modes. It's pretty impressive that Julio managed to port over these kinds of mechanics to GTA 5 as well as the special powers of the suit itself. What's more, the entire, fully animated UI of the game was ported over too, and the energy depletion mechanic is present as well.

Invisibility, for example, doesn't only provide a cool visual effect but actually lowers your chance for detection drastically - in short, it works. Super strength can be used to radically increase the height of your jumps beyond giving you impressive prowess, and to grab and throw NPCs around.

Of course, there's more to this mod than just the mechanics - the Nanosuit itself makes a triumphant appearance to be enjoyed in third person view, something fans of the original game never could. Like the HUD, the variant of the suit is also taken from the first game, as opposed to the sleeker version seen in 2 and 3.

As always, JulioNIB provides early access to his mods for those who become his patrons over at Patreon, and if any modder deserves recompense for their work, it's him. This consistent delivery of high quality content is rare and deserves reward.

Aron Gerencser
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