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GTA 5 Meets Avengers: Infinity War's Thanos

Famed Grand Theft Auto 5 modder JulioNIB is bringing yet another powerful Marvel character to Los Santos, but this time it's a villain.

Thanos, the big bad guy to which most Marvel Cinematic Universe films were building up to, finally enacted his plan to woo Lady Death by killing half the universe (at least, that's how it is in the comics) in the recently released Infinity War, and can now be used to kill half of Blaine County as well.

The Mad Titan wants to achieve his mass murder quota by putting shiny rocks into a huge, impractical gold glove to give him super(er) powers, but naturally the Avengers object since some of them are using those shiny rocks, and as superheroes it's their job to prevent things like the death of half of the population of everywhere.

However with JulioNIB's mod, you won't need to worry about spandex-wearing do-gooders and you can use Thanos' powers at your leisure.

This is because Thanos will have access to some of his flashiest powers in the mod. Thanos can teleport between locations - this ability is tied to the Space Stone - or unleash volleys of explosive energy projectiles with the Power Stone.

For even more destructive power, you can also fling meteors right from space into whatever unfortunate object, person or vehicle you're aiming at.

You can also grab and lift objects using telekinesis, slam into the ground for an area-of-effect attack when flying, freeze the flow of time or charge your attacks for greater damage. Powers can be selected from a radial menu not unlike the weapon wheel found in GTA 5.

While the mod hasn't been fully released, JulioNIB has released demo videos of the various abilities included in the mod and those who support the modder on Patreon have access to an early, unfinished build of the mod.

Julio is one of the most accomplished and well known GTA 5 modders out there with his work often being featured by the press and he relies on fan donations to upgrade his hardware and keep working on these fantastic mods.


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