GTA 5 Fan Music Video Set The Animals Loose

As far as most GTA 5 fan videos go, this one is… pretty far out.

While (unfortunately) the vast majority of GTA 5 related fan made videos that make it to YouTube are no-effort click-bait “news” videos or cringe inducing funny moment compilations, there are those who create quality content with the Rockstar Editor. Be it trailer recreations, short films or just artistic forays into the realm of cinematography, there are some hidden gems to be found.

We’ve feature the work of GTA 5 fan and video creator Ehmaysi before. He’s the one responsible for that trippy music video about the UFO, as well as the Tilt-Shift technique to be used in the Rockstar Editor.

Resuming the trend of imaginative and satisfyingly odd music videos made with the Editor, he recently uploaded the video titled “Break Out”. The video is focused on the wildlife of Los Santos doing things it really shouldn’t.


There is nary a human (or car, for that matter) in sight. Gameplay footage is complemented with scribble-style elements, which give the video character. These are used to convey the emotions of the animals, or simply to add to each shot. Though there isn’t any human activity in the video, the unstoppable train of GTA 5 gets something of a central role.

Music videos – especially featuring songs which aren’t topping international charts – are relatively rare compared to the other sub-types of Rockstar Editor creations. The Editor has enabled the GTA 5 fan video community to grow significantly compared to it’s size before the launch of the PC version.


The Rockstar Editor, being a built-in feature of the game, relatively simple to use and containing every tool you need to finish a video from shooting to sharing made this activity much more accessible. Creating fan-videos of any game which weren’t just “Let’s Plays” with raw gameplay footage was pretty difficult (to get into, at least) for the average user – especially on consoles.

As such, Machinima as this is known, was something reserved for the “hardcore” community. However, the Rockstar Editor blew that bubble wide open, making the creation of original video content within the engine of GTA 5 easy for anyone who owns the game.


This has allowed fans with unique ideas and hidden film-making skills to shine, greatly buffing up the amount of quality content present for the viewing pleasure of GTA 5 fans.

Have you made any GTA 5 fan videos with the Rockstar Editor? If so, now is the time to share them in the comments!

Aron Gerencser
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