GTA 5 Fan Map Offers Glimpse of Possible Los Santos Layout

A massive fan undertaking several weeks ago on the GTAforums led to the creation of a map that could give gamers an early glimpse at the general layout of Los Santos; and further whet their appetites to rain carnage down upon the virtual city.

How the map was created with such limited details available concerning the game is rather impressive. Essentially every known screenshot and trailer released for GTA 5 thus far was pored over. Where some context was given to the location of that image, they used it (most notably the landmarks that could be seen in those images) to extrapolate where that location would be in the world of Grand Theft Auto V. Put it all together, and you have a map that could very well offer a realistic outline of what Los Santos will look like – but don’t go learning every street, turn and alleyway just yet, there is going to be some errors!

GTA V Fan Map

Those major landmarks that were used, which can be seen in many in-game images released to date, are the Vinewood sign (think Hollywood sign and you’ll get the idea), the mountains, and the rivers and ocean. Based on the location of the image, and the approximate distance to those visible landmarks, these dedicated fans could build a cityscape with a scale that should be somewhat reminiscent of the final version, though many details are missing, and many minor details won’t be correct.

One possible fault with the map is that while the layout may be accurate as far as how locations are generally situated, the overall scale of the city seems to be rather small compared to what the actual size should be (if the world is as massive as Rockstar is claiming). Granted, there is far more than just the city making up the world, but also mountains, pastures, a large prison complex, a small inner sea, as well as other as yet unrevealed locations. All of these are mapped as well, though with much less detail and far more speculation than the city itself, given the lack of screens depicting those areas.

Whether or not you have any interest in the potential map, it’s absolutely worth checking out if for no other reason than it contains the majority of the screenshots and trailer images released thus far, in tiny bite-sized chunks. They even link to where those images should be located within the game world, giving you some insight into how the map was formed, and letting you be the judge of the images and locations yourself.

All said it’s an impressive piece of work by a group of extremely dedicated gamers, who clearly can’t wait for Grand Theft Auto 5, just like the rest of us “not quite so passionate as to build a fictional map of a fictional city” fans!

Trevor Phillips
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