GTA 5 Expanded & Enhanced Out Now

The day is here - Grand Theft Auto 5 Expanded & Enhanced is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S with graphical upgrades, technical improvements and new content making the most of the modern hardware. Available digitally from each console's respective webstores, you can download the new experience right now.

GTA 5's next-gen port also brings with it the significant change of splitting off GTA Online into a standalone experience. Buying Expanded and Enhanced still gets you Online access, but fans can also purchase the multiplayer experience on its own for a lower price. On PlayStation 5, it is free to keep for the next three months.

Changes include wide reaching graphical upgrades, making the most of the stronger hardware available with the current-gen consoles. With various graphical option presets, you can pick what gets prioritized - but even on the performance setting, the game will look much prettier than the previous versions did. Textures, effects, prop density and more have been given a nice boost.


A wide array of technical improvements are also included with this release, including vastly shorter loading times - resolving a long-standing issue with the game - on both platforms, immersive controls making use of the DualSense and Xbox controllers' feedback systems and 3D audio.

GTA BOOM now has its own community discussion forum! Chat directly with our guide creators, ask questions, & get tips and advice.

GTA Online also got a small content update with Hao's Special Works, a new add-on to the LS Car Meet area. This is the first piece of GTA Online content to be exclusive to Expanded and Enhanced, and adds new races, new time trials, five new vehicles and a broad array of powerful new upgrades and customizations. Unlock Hao's Special Works by completing the initial time trail.

Players continuing their journey from the previous version of GTA Online by transferring their characters will also get a free HSW-upgraded Karin S95, Dark Purple Pearl and Red Prismatic Pearl Chameleon Paints.

Players both new and old will also gain access to the Career Builder, a new feature in GTA Online designed to help you catch up with 8 years of DLC by allowing you to unlock a business right off the bat, and giving you a starting boost with cash, vehicles and other amenities.

Jump into GTA 5 and Online on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S now.


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