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GTA 5 has once again gotten a temporary price cut to entice the ever dwindling number of gamers who haven't jumped on the bandwagon to do so. In spite of initial launch having occurred 3 years ago, Rockstar's open-world juggernaut of a game is still among the most popular being played today.


GTA Online trumps other high-profile games which are considered to be among the most popular franchises in both sales and playtime. Halo 5, the most recent installment in the insanely popular Microsoft exclusive shooter franchise has only a tiny fraction of GTA Online's weekly individual player count. Microtransactions in that game are really far from even breaking the $100 million mark in terms of income, while Shark Cards have long since passed the half-billion mark.

Only other ludicrously popular games, which get most of their players from the non-gamer crowd, like Call of Duty or FIFA can rival the success that Rockstar's game has garnered. Even so, sales are pretty steady. Naturally, they're nowhere near the numbers of the first year, but still, countless people are buying copies of GTA 5. It is among the top sellers on Steam, several online distributors push marketing for the game due to the demand, console marketplaces feature it continuously. For some reason, people keep buying this thing.


So if you happen to be following this website in spite of not owning GTA 5, or only have one of the previous-gen versions and are looking for an upgrade to the definitive edition of the game, Steam has a treat for you. While this is hardly the largest discount the game has seen, its a decent price reduction. At this point, the game is on sale so often that buying it full price really isn't justified, unless you want to support the devs with that much more.

GTA 5 is discounted by 33% on Steam until the 25th of July, placing its current price at $40.19, compared to the full price of $59.99. The base game isn't the only thing which had its price slashed, as the standalone Shark Cards and Shark Card bundles are also cheaper than usual. This makes this a perfect opportunity for players looking to upgrade to the PC version, as they'll need some starting capital with which to catch up on content not available on the older consoles.


The bundles are the best deals in this sale, as they have progressively larger discounts, with the two largest ones being half or more off. For example, the Megalodon Bundle, which normally costs $134.99 is now 57% off, going for $57,92 instead, which is (albeit marginally) cheaper than the full priced game.

These constant sales are part of how GTA 5 has managed to keep its full price all this time after release. Most games, even AAA titles, lose value much quicker, with prices dipping down to half of what they were upon release a year (or sometimes even less) after release. The staggered release schedule, the high demand and frequent sales have enabled Rockstar to keep the game's full-price at the standard $60 mark.

Will you be taking advantage of this sale?


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