GTA 5 Get's Bullet Cam Thanks To Mod

While many mods we feature either innovate the single player mode of GTA 5 by adding whole new original features, adapt features from another medium, or even just do -something- sufficiently grandiose, those coders who create the small and nice mods also need some time in the spotlight.


Especially if that mod, no matter how small, was considerably hard to code. When you're looking at a tough coding hurdle, even a mod that ports a small but cool looking feature from other games to GTA 5.


We've seen veteran coders and modders like JulioNIB take features like the entire hacking mechanic from Watch_Dogs and weaved it into Rockstar's massive open world experience. However, if you've ever dealt with programming before you'll know that for someone inexperienced a bigger piece of code might be intimidating.

Even so, relative newcomer to the modding scene PeterTheHacker managed to expertly pull off a mod for GTA 5 which undoubtedly took some serious coding effort, even though the end result isn't particularly complex - but damn us if it doesn't look freaking awesome.

Fans of the older Max Payne games or the somewhat more recent Sniper Elite titles will be familiar with the Bullet Cam effect. Basically, when taking a long range shot, the camera closely follows the bullet on it's path to the unwitting target's whichever body part (famously even testicles in Sniper Elite).

The effect is pretty cool, but can be detrimental if you think about it since losing control of your character for even a split second could be disastrous in some situations. Then again, you won't be under fire or in immediate danger of death when sniping if done right - this isn't Call of Duty after all.

The Bullet Cam mod not only follows the projectile to the intended destination but tweaks the values of GTA 5 to increase the knock-back effect of bullets to make for a more cinematic experience. Few things are cooler than to follow the trajectory of a well placed shot in slow-mo until it reaches its target, launching the now lifeless body of your opponent backward with the force of a jackhammer.

Now if only someone would mod the guided sniper rifle shot from Bulletstorm into GTA 5. Everyone's sniping dreams would come true. I'm sure many of us would donate to see that happen.

What other cool features from various games would you like to see modded into GTA 5?

Aron Gerencser
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