GTA 5's First 360° Drift Video Slides In

When YouTube recently released a new feature where creators can upload videos where the viewer may change the camera angle to any position, it was considered revolutionary. It was an experimental feature at first, but it took off swiftly and now there are plenty of breathtaking videos around. It was only a matter of time before it was used for gaming related, more specifically GTA 5, videos as well.


GTA 5 has an extremely dedicated stunting subculture, ranging from regular in-game stunts to the insane, nigh impossible parkour race maps. These players are dedicated to push both the game and the vehicles in it to the absolute limit and to capture their most amazing feats on camera.

We've covered some amazing stunts over the months here at GTA BOOM, including one where a semi-truck jumps off a ramp, detaches the trailer, does a flip and lands in a way that the trailer reattaches on impact. Seriously, some of these GTA 5 stuntmen are pretty crazy.


This most recent video, however, comes from popular GTA V video creator RunItsAlpha, whose work we've featured before. His most recent video is the first GTA 5 fan video to make use of Youtube's 360° feature. The POV drift video is only advised for people who don't suffer form motion sickness, because this would surely trigger it.

The video depicts a "Gymkhana" style drift course as if the viewer were sitting on top of the car. You can use either the WASD keys or the mouse to look around while the video is playing, allowing you to witness the insane drifting goodness from any perspective.


If more GTA V videos are made using this feature, such as someone recording a successful heist run so that the camera sits in the face of a character, allowing us to witness the action from FP view, but allowing us to look around, the fan film creator community will go insane.

Are you planning on creating a 360° GTA 5 video?

Aron Gerencser
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