GTA 3 Anniversary Promo Continues This Week In GTA Online

Rockstar Games is building up the hype for this year's big Grand Theft Auto 3 anniversary. The classic title is turning 20, and the remastered games aren't the only way the big event is being commemorated - the second anniversary promo item dropped in GTA Online alongside the usual gamut of bonuses.

Gta Online Sumo

Following last week's Wasted tee, the promo is back again with a new piece of retro styled clothing. All players logging into GTA Online this week will get a free Rockstar Games typeface tee, evoking the iconic font used by the developers back in the day.

For some beefed up earning opportunities in-game, you can jump into a match of Sumo and try pushing off the opposition from the precariously placed platform for a chance at victory. Playing rounds of this Adversary Mode will get you thrice the usual rewards.


Joining the Sumo Adversary Mode are some other activities paying out bigger rewards than usual. Jump into some Special Vehicle Work missions or help out your old buddy in Gerald's Last Play to earn 2x the usual GTA$ and RP. Meanwhile your Daily Objectives will yield 50% more GTA$ - as if the cumulative bonuses weren't enough incentive.

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If you manage to place top 3 in any 6 LS Car Meet Series races over the course of the next week, it means you successfully completed the Prize Ride Challenge. Your reward? A Vapid Dominator ASP. If you would rather rely on luck than skill, the Dewbauchee Specter is spinning on The Diamond's podium as we speak. Meanwhile, you can give the Karin Sultan RS Classic, Übermacht Cypher and Annis ZR350 a spin on the Test Track.

This week you can grab all Garages, the Vapid Clique and the Lampadati Casco at a sweet 40% off in GTA Online, while the Vapid Slamtruck, the JoBuilt Hauler Custom, the Declasse Moonbeam, the Albany Primo and the Yosemite Rancher are all discounted by 30%.


Additionally, something strange is afoot in Los Santos - as posted on various official Rockstar Games social media accounts, UFOs have been spotted in the sky above the city and throughout Blaine County. Expect more info on this alien menace as Halloween draws near.


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