Grand Theft Auto 5 67% Off In Steam Summer Sale

We'll go out on a limb here and guess that most, if not all of you, reading this already own Grand Theft Auto 5 in some shape or form.

That said, it's possible that you don't own it on PC and want to upgrade, or might want to gift the game to someone who's missing out on all the fun. Well, here's the perfect chance with the biggest discount on Steam GTA 5 has ever seen.

As a part of Steam's annual summer sale, GTA 5's price has been reduced by the largest percentage since release on Valve's digital storefront and there are additional discounts on Shark Cards and the Premium Online Edition. The base game has been discounted by 67%. Since Steam introduced regional pricing, the final amount of that will vary wildly depending on region, but in the United States the current price is $19.79.


The Premium Online Edition, which bundles the game with the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack matches the discount percentage coming in at $33.02, while on its own the Starter Pack is half price at $19.99.

We discussed whether the Premium Online Edition or the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack is worth getting here and here, but keep in mind that those assessments apply to the full price. At a discount, these upgrades are a much more enticing deal.

Additional bundles include the Premium Online Edition paired with either a Great White or a Whale Shark Card, at 62% discounts. Shark Cards are the microtransactions used in GTA Online to purchase extra in-game currency. Of the standalone Shark Card add-ons, on the largest tier is discounted. You can purchase a Megalodon Shark Card worth 8,000,000 GTA$ at a 15% discount.

All of these deals will be available throughout the span of the Steam Summer Sale, meaning until the 5th of July, giving you plenty to time to chew over whether any of them are worth it for you. Considering that GTA 5 recently passed the 95 million copies sold mark you don't need to worry about buying into a dead game, or that the player base will dwindle in the near future.

If you want to help push that sales marker past 100 million, now is your chance to pick up GTA 5 on the cheap.

Aron Gerencser
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