Grab Rockstar Games Cheap For Just Two More Days

2016 is rapidly approaching and everyone is saying goodbye to the year 2015 in various ways. Of course, this being a consumerist society, the occasion is being used as a marketing hook, with end of year sales going on all around, switching off the plethora of Christmas sales that have dominated every outlet for the past few weeks.


Some days ago Rockstar announced that they’re holding a special sale on the Warehouse, slashing the price of all digitally downloadable games by 20%. The sale will be on through the 31st of December, 2015, but you can be certain that there will be some sort of year-starting sale or what-not in January too.

Basically, any and all games currently available on the Rockstar Warehouse which can be accessed via digital download are part of the sale, including pretty much the entire GTA franchise, Max Payne, L.A Noire and Midnight Club 2. For fans of Rockstar’s handiwork, this is a great opportunity to grab a few older titles to complete your collection, or to pull a friend into the world of video games with a gift.

Of course, the developer’s flagship title, GTA V, is also among those discounted, so if you happened to miss any one of all those various sales and discounts in the past few weeks and months, this is a chance to pick up the blockbuster open world crime game for a tad cheaper. However, you’d probably do well to grab some of the other titles, as GTA V is usually discounted by more than 20% during other sales on third-party digital distribution services.


GTA V’s PC edition has been racking up awards continuously ever since its release earlier this year, and many have named it the definitive edition of the game. For a while, many swore by the current-gen console versions of the game, which were luckily safe from the rampant hacking and modding present on PC and last-gen, however recently GTA Online was seemingly cracked even on the PS4.

Which games are you picking up during this sale?

Aron Gerencser
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