Grab A Hearse In GTA Online With Bikers

While it's true that with the end of October approaching, we can expect Rockstar to launch a GTA Online Halloween event like they've done before (making the Lurcher Hearse available once more) an alternate way of acquiring one has been discovered. Players are constantly on the lookout for methods to nab rare cars, and this time their efforts have paid off.



In fact, the new method of acquiring the limited edition vehicle was discovered in the new content added to GTA Online with the Bikers DLC. For those of you who jumped on the GTA V bandwagon less than a year ago, the Lurcher Hearse was a special vehicle made available during last year's Halloween Event. The car was purchasable until November 16, 2015, after which only players who owned it could re-buy it if they ever sold it.


The Lurcher is scheduled to go back on sale with this year's Halloween Event - provided one takes place - however a different way to acquire the car independently of any event, and most importantly for free, has been discovered. Provided you own a clubhouse, that is. This method was discovered by Reddit user ShadyGreenPie.

Lurcher Gtav Front

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One of the Clubhouse Contracts titled "Guns for Hire" has a version wherein your MC is tasked with protecting a funeral procession. Once the escort section is complete, you'll end up at the Hill Valley Church, outside which a Lurcher will have spawned by this point. Once the mission is complete, you won't be booted into a new instance, and the Lurcher will remain there, allowing you to grab it and take off to the nearest LSC or garage.

The Lurcher taken from the church won't be blacklisted, nor will you have heat on you unless you attract the attention of the police with some misdeeds. This way you'll be able to own your own Lurcher without having to hunt for the elusive specimens spawned by players who own them, nor will you have to wait for the halloween event to buy one.


Players have tried to use a similar method with the Lost MC Slamvan, a vehicle many wish to own. Unfortunately, however, the Lost Slamvan is automatically blacklisted, preventing you from taking it to either an LSC or your garage. In light of this, player requests for Rockstar to add the vehicle to GTA Online through DLC have spiked. Maybe next week?

Will you try out this method, or do you already have a Lurcher in GTA Online?


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