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Grab A Donut With This New GTA V Police Mod


If you're a regular reader of GTA BOOM then you'll know we've been following the development of Los Santos Police Department First Response (LSPDFR), a massive total conversion mod for GTA V which changes the game into a full blown police simulator. The mod is a work in progress, and has been hindered by Rockstar's efforts to curb the rampant hacking and cheating going on in GTA Online.

LSPDFR, by virtue of the sheer amount of content it adds to the game, has become the most known and most popular law enforcement modification for GTA V, however it is hardly the only one out there. It seems that LSPDFR's competition is on the rise.


The most recent success in this particular field of modding is the simply and aptly names PoliceMod, which, just like LSPDFR, is a work in progress with a playable build available already. The similarity is even noted by the author:

Police Mod is a alternative to the famous LCPDFR, it is a small mod which allows you to be a police officer.

Matthew Dehan, the mod's author, is hard at work to get features implemented and bugs fixed as quickly as possible, and thus is updating the mod almost on a daily basis. The mod is currently running the sixth revision of the 1.0c build, meaning it is a td behind LSPDFR. As you might have guessed, many of the features overlap, seeing as both mods have a police theme.


PoliceMod allows players to be police officers doing police officer things. You can arrest people, pull people over, request identification from people, use pepper spray unprovoked, etc. etc. However, a feature which PoliceMod can call its own is the integration of the other emergency services. Sure, there are ambulance and fire fighting mods out there, but in this case they come in one neat package with PoliceMod.

Which GTA V police mod are you looking forward to the most? Can anything take LSFRPD's crown?


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