GPUs Ranked By Measure Of GTA V Performance

As we all (and most of us painfully) know, GTA V’s PC version is extremely tough on our desktop’s hardware (I say desktop because laptops capable of running this beast are extremely few and far between), especially on graphics cards.


Now, before we proceed with the gist of this article – which GPUs are best to run GTA V – let’s be clear that this data does not take into consideration Rockstar’s anti-cheating protocols which were recently added to GTA Online. While the low frame-rates caused by these measures have been allegedly fixed, some people are still experiencing issues. Naturally, we won’t be taking circumstances into account which happen to pull single digit FPS while running on SLi Titan Xs. Basically, if a bug is in play, then no matter what GPU you have, you’ll be lagging big time.

What the test has revealed is a few pointers that are true across the board and will thus help you ultimately decide what GPU you should get for your GTA V build. Basically, when compared to their rival’s cards in the same category, Nvidia GPUs always outperform their AMD counterparts in the same league. Another thing to consider is that on normal settings, pretty much any GPU from the R7 250 up will solidly bring over 30 FPS. On the flip side, on max settings, even at 1920×1080 it takes two Titan Xs in SLi to hit 58.1 FPS , and on higher resolutions it ranges from the badly optimized to the downright unplayable.

This whole thing should be pretty straight forward for players who are looking to play at 1920×1080, since it won’t be hard to make the game look pretty with most GPUs if you juggle with the settings a bit, so this is more for players looking to get some decent performance out of higher resolutions.

Check out the benchmarks here. Did you upgrade your PC for GTA V when it launched, or are you still considering which components to change?

Aron Gerencser
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