Good Luck Fooling The New GTA Online Anti-Hack

We just posted some brand new info on the punishments players may now face for hacking or cheating in GTA Online. The new punishments arrived via GTA V patch 1.29, and along side a new and shiny anti-cheat system contained the massive Freemode Events update, as well as a wealth of bug fixes.

Gta Online Money

Now that you know what will happen once the sniffer finds your little hack, let's take a look at how it finds these cheats and exploits, and why the new system is almost impossible to fool. Note the operative word almost.



Yeah, nah

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As hard as it may be to believe, not all GTA Online hackers are nefarious. While some use shady methods to gain the upper hand and an unfair advantage, others try to hack the game just to see whether or not they can, and how difficult it is. Pure programming curiosity.

It's still bannable, and other hackers tend to profit from these discoveries, but it can also help Rockstar tighten things up. Some players with programming knowledge found which little snippet of code is responsible for the almost instant detection of the "cash drop" method used by most popular trainers.

$ ansactionrequest ros.rockstarga | load_request -i <>
<> <> scs_bind $ decode_respon@:

Basically, when you drop cash with a trainer, the above code will interpret it as a proper GTA Online transaction. However, it immediately marks it as unusual due to the various hidden stats showing there is no tangible reason for the money to appear. This way the transaction will be set as pending review, and the next time you log out, the automated system will detect the trainer and ban you.


Stat editing won't get you anywhere either, as the new system, using an as-of-yet-unknown method automatically detects this and will simple subtract the amount from your balance. How long do you think it will take to crack these newest GTA Online anti-cheat methods?


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  1. Yeah I wish you a good luck at online:D I just added a billion money to myself about a week ago and purchased almost everything. I say "Good night, Good luck" to you and your fanboy behaviour of R* and R*'s anti cheat system:D

    Btw, did you ever play online in this game by any chance? It's 1.44 version and there is not a single lobby I find without hackers that R* can't detect at all...

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