Calling All Fun Police: Give GTA V Some Traffic Laws

GTA V is well known for its high speed chases, high pedestrian death toll and abundance of criminal activity. However, after a while, breaking all those laws can become tiring, and the dedicated GTA modding community is keen on ensuring that even if that happens, you do not become bored. Be it with additional game modes, silly conversions, or total conversions, the modding community is never without an idea to mix up the game.


GTA V, like all GTA games before it, has a rather liberal take on traffic laws and their enforcement. If you're the kind of sadist who likes extreme realism and plays with the sorts of thing such as the engine overheating mod, then this is truly for you. The Traffic Laws mod continues the proud lineage of mods with extremely self explanatory titles. The mod adds some scripts to GTA V which causes you to acquire wanted stars for breaking traffic laws and going over the speed limit.


In the current version, there are a few infractions which will win your the ire of the authorities, which is a large leap considering the total of *one* infraction present in the release version. Currently, driving against the road side, driving on pavement, running over someone, crashing into a vehicle and finally, as previously mentioned, going over the speed limit will each grant you one wanted star.


You are free to edit the speed limit in the .ini file, and having different zones with different speeds is a feature coming in an update soon. Some commenters have been suggesting some further features, such as adding running red lights as an infraction, with someone suggesting something which is geared more at Rockstar - how about police trying to pull you over or arrest you as opposed to immediately being all kill-happy?

Are you guys into extensive realism in GTA V?

Mike Roberts

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