Ghost raids continue to plague GTA Online warehouses

Lately in GTA Online, a persistent issue has been haunting players who run warehouses, leaving them frustrated and concerned.

The issue, known as "ghost raids," occurs when it appears that warehouses are being raided even when they shouldn't be according to the established criteria by Rockstar Games.

The warehouse raiding system, intended to add an extra layer of challenge and competition, enables players to raid other players' warehouses, reflecting the cutthroat nature of the Grand Theft Auto universe. Unfortunately, the system put in place by Rockstar Games to govern these raids seems to be faltering. Despite the established guidelines, an increasing number of players are encountering these "ghost raids."

Under normal conditions, warehouse owners with small storage facilities face raids if they stock up 12 or more crates. For those with medium-sized warehouses, the threshold is set at 30 crates. Large warehouse proprietors find themselves vulnerable to raids once their stockpile surpasses 78 crates. On top of that, warehouses can only be targeted if their owners are registered as CEOs or affiliated with a Motorcycle Club (MC).

However, with the bug, warehouses are being raided by other players even if the above conditions have not been met. Lets say the number of crates in the small warehouse is just 5, it can still get raided when it should need to have at least 12 crates in the warehouse for the raid to work.

This issue has persisted for quite some time now, with players expressing their concerns about the lack of a proper solution from Rockstar Games. The frustration reached a new peak recently as well-known GTA Online content creator Tylarious shed some light on the problem. In a video addressing the issue, Tylarious recounted his personal experience of falling victim to a ghost raid, despite his warehouse operating under what should have been secure conditions.

Players dedicate a significant amount of time stocking up on crates, and for them, losing crates to ghost raids not only erases their hard-earned progress but also magnifies the time-consuming process of restoring their inventory. Many players stock up on their inventory in hopes of selling a completely filled warehouse during a double-money week.

While GTA Online remains as popular as ever, this ongoing issue has ruined at least one aspect of the experience for many, creating a sense of uncertainty running their warehouse business.


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  1. How many more issues are we going to have like this? I swear it has been something every few months since 2015. When does it end!? Every update they seem to break something.

  2. So people are just losing all their ish? WTF man. I don't have a warehouse but I am not about to set one up either. I will go for something else. Hopefully they fix it soon cause I intended on using this as my main money maker.

    1. Yes, Happened to me this past weekend. I thought the issue was fixed but clearly not. I have tried contacting Rockstar and they aren't responding. Big surprise, right?

  3. A lot of people have said they are giving up on warehouses until the issue is fixed. Not sure if this is the game itself and people are exploiting it or people found out a hack or something.

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