Getting Drunk In GTA Online: After Hours Unlocks Exclusive Shirt

Grand Theft Auto Online's latest DLC, After Hours brought a vast amount of content with it for players to dig into.

There are all kinds of lucrative, challenging and engaging new ways to earn money or have fun in the game thanks to this newest update. You can hunt down caches of free supplies via Business Battles or keep up the popularity of your club.

Or, you could just get absolutely wasted.


We don't mean the traditional manner of GTA wasted, meaning you getting killed, but drunk., inebriated, under the influence of alcohol.

With After Hours allowing us to become nightclub owners, our characters will be able to access irresponsible quantities of booze even easier than before and Rockstar has hidden a little easter egg in the mini-bar for the heavy drinkers out there.

Nightclubs in After Hours offer a selection of new drinks that are progressively unlocked by increasing the popularity meter. There are a few interesting options, such as the absurdly decadent GTA$ 150,000 Diamond champagne which your character can spray across the dance floor in exchange for modest RP bonuses, but the true star of the menu is in the middle of the price range.

By Reddit user MynameisJeff399

The Macbeth Whiskey Shot, going for GTA$ 350 a pop (free if you own the club), is a particularly curious drink. Namely, it gets the player blackout drunk after just one shot and will have you waking up in all kinds of crazy locations.

The most probably outcome is coming to in one of the bathrooms of your nightclub, but the spawn locations are randomized and you have a good chance of waking up in a suitably nonsensical situation.

Players have reported a wide range of outcomes. Sometimes you wake up under an overpass, which is quite apt, though you haven't been robbed which breaks all immersion. Sometimes you wake up on top of a billboard. Sometimes in a maze, or on a dam. The rarest is waking up at the Mt. Chiliad peak with your outfit changed. For your first shot, that is.

This easter egg doesn't end here, it isn't just a "random silly spawn" lottery.

Starting from your second Macbeth shot, a new potential outcome is added, and is even rarer than the Mt. Chiliad spawn. There is a low percentage chance that after drinking up, you wake up on top of the Epsilon Program building in Los Santos sporting a new, exclusive shirt.

The light blue shirt with the cult's slogan, Kifflom, emblazoned on it in white can only be acquired by triggering this easter egg. Some have reported getting it on their second shot, while other players "farmed" Macbeth shots for hours to no avail. It is likely a random outcome with a very low rate.

Rockstar loves peppering GTA Online with all kinds of obscure easter eggs, and this one was discovered fairly quickly, but it does raise a question - what other secrets does After Hours hide?

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