Get Your Own Army Of Bodyguards in Los Santos

GTA V on PC has become more or less synonymous with modding. It has garnered one of the largest modding communities of any recent game. All kinds of modifications have been made for the game, ranging from the ridiculous through the fun and useful, all the way to the revolutionary.

Here at GTA BOOM we often shine the spotlight on the very best of these mods, and have also featured certain mods which could help you make your own fan content for GTA V.



Today we'll be looking at a fairly simple mod with quite a bit of novelty value. If used right, many a laugh may be derived from this little mod, so it is definitely worth a download. The Bodyguard Menu mod gives you the ability to spawn a small squad of bodyguards to keep you safe. You can either "convert" a nearby PED, or to spawn your own. Your personal bodyguards can then be customized fully, allowing you to set their outfit and weapons. The bodyguards are also entirely loyal, and follow any command you issue them. These commands range from the basic like "wait" and "follow", to the more GTA-esque like "attack nearest pedestrian". Yeah, fun times.


The functionality of the mod is quite simple. You can select certain settings in the Bodyguard Menu which is then effective for your next spawn. You spawn the bodyguard who fits the setting, you change the settings, and spawn another who is now different from the first. You can have up to 7 bodyguards following you around at any given time. You can spawn more, but the others won't follow you, however they will remain friendly and will assist in combat. So if you ever know in advance that you're about to get into a scuffle, you can just spawn yourself an army.

Will you guys be gallivanting around GTA V with bodyguards?

Mike Roberts

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