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Get Up To 1.35 Million GTA$ Free In GTA Online This Week

Rockstar is throwing free money at Grand Theft Auto Online players again this week. Simply logging in every day of the week will earn you up to 1.3 million GTA$ in bonuses. Alongside this generous offer, there are further ways to earn more than your usual wages. Rockstar has also slashed the prices on what may be the largest selection of discounted items any single event week.

Your first-time log in this week will net you a down bonus of GTA$ 750,000, with an additional GTA$ 100,000 added each day you log in. If you're diligent and log on every day that adds up to a total of GTA$ 1.35 million. Not too shabby for free cash, right? Since all you need do is log on to be eligible, even if you don't have time to play just load into the game world for the free money.

If that 1.35 million won't cut it - and let's face it, in GTA Online, it really won't - there are a number of ways to earn extra money this week. A number of activities pay out double GTA$ and RP including a pair of Adversary Modes, namely Sumo (Remix) and Running Back (Remix), as well as Bikers sell missions, work and challenges. On top of all that, Bodyguards and Associates get double salaries through the 26th.

Rockstar has collected a huge selection of discounted goods this week. There is a great deal of emphasis on those properties and vehicles that are required to access the gameplay content of various business-oriented updates. As GTA Online's player base remains on the rise, this is likely a tactic to make the higher-investment content more accessible to newer players who'd have to grind years-old content before reaching the more recent stuff. These expensive businesses are also your best bet for earning good cash during play, so if you don't already have a business network set up now is the time.

Nightclubs, Nightclub warehouses, Bikers Clubhouses, Bikers Businesses, Facilities, Hangars, Hangar Workshops, Bunkers, Executive Offices, Executive Office renovations, the Benefactor Terrorbyte and its upgrades are all 40% off. These discounts cover every major business update except for Import/Export, but CEO work, Gunrunning and Bikers businesses should have you more than covered in terms of solid income.

A huge selection of vehicles have also been discounted in case you don't know what to do with all this cash. The FH-1 Hunter, Mammoth Tula, Buckingham Pyro and V-65 Molotok are 60% off. The Mammoth Avenger has been discounted to half price while the Sea Sparrow is 35% off. Ground vehicles are also on offer with a 40% discount on the Nagasaki Shotaro, while the Progen Itali GTB, Truffade Nero, Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic, Dewbauchee Vagner, Overflod Entity XXR, Vapid GB200 and the Declasse Hotring Sabre are all 35% off.

If you want to kick up your legs and relax in style, yachts have been discounted by 35% while all yacht modifications are half price. You might want to read what we have to say about buying the most expensive yacht. Additionally, 10-car garages are 30% off while Bikers clothing and tattoos are 35% off.

There's plenty of free money on offer, but with all these great deals you'll need even more GTA$ to cover the best ones.


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