Galaxy Superyacht Week In GTA Online

If you are among those Grand Theft Auto Online players who dropped the rather exorbitant sums that the in-game Galaxy Superyachts cost, and were left disappointed by what they got, then this event is for you. With bonuses on Yacht Missions and more, get ready to take to the sea!

GTA Online got yachts five years ago, and at the time they were the most expensive things you could buy in-game. As players discovered, they were little more than decorated spawn points and their only practical use was unlocking the Piracy Prevention mission.

Now, with the Los Santos Summer Series DLC, Rockstar is keen on making owning a yacht worth it.


This week, Superyacht Life missions are paying out double rewards, including both RP and GTA$ continuing last week's promo. With double rewards running for two weeks, you might even be able to earn back the original price of the boat with these missions.

You can also hop into a game of Trap Door, an Adversary Mode that takes the base concept of a team deathmatch and adds a forever shrinking map. Trap Door matches are paying out double all week, as are all Rockstar created Transform Races.

If you were a fan of GTA 4 back in the day, you'll enjoy this week's freebie t-shirt. All you need to do is log into GTA Online anytime between now and the 26th of August to unlock the white TW@ logo tee. Proudly represent your favorite seedy internet café from Liberty City!

Speaking of free stuff, if you head down to the Diamond Casino and give the Lucky Wheel a spin, you stand to win a Pfister 811. If fortune doesn't favor you, you can still win various other prizes like clothing and RP, and remember to try again the next day!

Since yachts are all the craze, it makes sense the these opulent status symbols are on discount this week. Pick up any of the three available Galaxy Superyachts at a 30% discount. Once you have your yacht, it doesn't hurt to accessorise - so the Lampadati Toro (and all boats) and Buckingham SuperVolito (and all helicopters) are also 30% off!

Aron Gerencser
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