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Friday The 13th Haunts GTA V


It seems some vengeful spirits just don't quit, do they? GTA V's Rockstar Editor has been often used to recreated scenes or openings from popular films, series or even other games. Of course, some Editor creations are better than others, and some franchises are popular enough to make the jump to the world of GTA V several times over.

Its usually the kinds of James Bond, Star Wars, various Marvel films/series and the topical Friday the 13th franchises which are adapted to the engine of Rockstar's massive blockbuster.  Creating machinima using GTA V was also attempted prior to the release of the PC version, and by extension, before the release of the Rockstar Editor, which only recently made its way to consoles. However, as you may imagine, very little of quality was forged in that dark time.

This most recent try at making a Friday the 13th GTA V crossover is possibly the most impressive of them all, capturing the atmosphere and visual style of the most iconic slasher film with almost complete authenticity. It's quite ironic actually, as there isn't any slashing going on and the video also lacks most of the other defining characteristics of typical horror films of recent years.

Instead of the monster going BOO in an unsuspecting moment in a cheap jumpscare, this video actually knows the meaning of "subtlety". Meaning that is focuses much more on the style of presentation, the sounds, the atmosphere as mentioned before, and the overall feel of what the viewer is seeing.

This way it creates a much creepier experience than any in-your-face gore-fest that goes as "horror" these days (which will make you jump a few times while you watch, but you'll forget about in five minutes after it is over). This, on the other hand, seeps slowly into your bones, filling you with dread which lingers for long. The clip is also a much scarier Jason than the roaring running attacking slashing Jason ever could be.

Have you guys ever tired making a Friday the 13th adaptation in GTA V?

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