Freemode Events Week Kicks Off In GTA Online

Rockstar Games is doubling down on double reward bonuses this week, presumably to let players stock up with plenty of GTA$ to pay for all that content arriving in the upcoming Casino DLC. With a focus on Freemode Events, other activities are also paying out 2x rewards, with some nice discounts to back it all up.


The main way to earn big this week is through Freemode Events. Added in an eponymous DLC years ago, Freemode Events are highly varied PvP activities that trigger automatically every quarter hour in freemode, and are open for everyone to join.

Freemode New


Rampages, high-speed chases and more give variety to these events, so that there's an activity in there for every player. You may not excel at some of these events but you might be a master at others. All Freemode Events pay out 2x GTA$ and RP through the 26th of June. If you want to make the most of this bonus, check out our Freemode Events guide.

Joining these Freemode Events are some other activities which are offering greater rewards. Business Battles are challenges for the highest flying white-collar criminals, giving them a chance to boost their clandestine gigs, while Gang Attacks have you clean up a crime boss's enemies. Both of these offer double rewards.

Finally, if you're not afraid of heights, you can try out a few Parachute Jobs. Strap on your chute and board the plane in exchange for not merely double, but triple GTA$ and RP payouts all week. There's no reward without a bit of risk, right?

June Shirt

All players who log into GTA Online this week will be adding yet another exclusive in-game tee to their character's wardrobe. Unlock the white Chariot t-shirt by playing anytime through the 26th.

Several vehicles are on discount this week, though we'd suggest only buying any essentials before the release of the Casino DLC later this summer. Additionally, to aid you in taking advantage of those 3x rewards from the parachute jobs, Parachute Bags and Parachute Smoke is 40% off.

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